Currently the Chief Research Scientist at Flyinstinct, a tiny startup works on the industrial 4.0 solution with machine learning and computer vision.

Obtained my Ph.D. in Robotic and AI from the Sorbonne Université (supervised by Prof. Catherine ACHARD) at the laboratory ISIR. My research focuses on applying computer vision and machine learning on social science research to understand the human-human interaction. Social interaction features are firstly extracted with the techniques of computer vision and speech processing. Then, machine learning models are used to analyse the features, prove our hypotheses, and interpret the social interaction.
Before my Ph.D., I got my first MSc of Computer vision and machine learning from Zhejiang University, China and the second MSc of Computer science and network from Telecom-Paris, France.

Ph.D. thesis:
The study of the social cues exchanged during natural interaction
Modeling the synchrony between interacting people: application to role recognition
Personality classification and behaviour interpretation: an approach based on feature categories
Estimation of Cohesion with Feature Categorization on Small Scale Groups

I just start to write a tech blog to record my study and work on AI and to share with others. The posts are mainly about computer vision and machine learning as well as the algorithm. If you have some suggestions about the blog or want to see some other interesting topics about AI, please email me.

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